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today has been great.
we went and got kemi at like 2-3
she's been here hanging out until like 30 minutes ago.
which was great, we had all kinds of fun.
said goodbye to the summer with a bang, yup.
it was fun. :)
we're both wearing slap bracelets tomorrow
do you know why?

i'm drinking water and eating chips right now.
i feel like such a fat kid when i eat chips.
don't know why, just do.

i have got to go to school tomorrow
do you know what this means?
waking up at 6:30
psh. this is the pits bub.
i'd like to have a vanilla milkshake right now.
i've taken a liking to vanilla ice cream, thanks to kemi.


looks like my journal is going on friend's only.
thank you!

catch her everytime she falls,
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i forgot today is monday.
i thought it was sunday
that means i have school tomorrow.
haha. what a weird feeling that is.
everyone will look so pretty and nice, they always do on the first day. fresh haircuts, and new outfits.

i wish kemi would come to hangout for a few hours today.
maybe she will, who knows.

i need to paint my nails over, and do my calculus work.
ugh. get all of my school things together and hang up some clothes in my room. decide what i'm wearing the first day, i wonder where taylor is at.

ah at least my cd-rw is getting sent out tomorrow.
that's a good thing, i can finally make my friends the cds i've been wanting to make them

i might get to drive to school tomorrow. we're always early so the traffic isn't that bad, it doesn't get bad until like 5 minutes before the bell rings then everyone tries to pile in at once. it's hilarious.

chad came and hung out for a little while last night which was fun. i got on his aim list and messed around with some chicks on there, i had him a date with one but he was like i'm so telling her that was you when i get home. what a mean butt! his car looks really nice, he did all the interior himself. it's all white with little blue details. really original, unlike anything i've ever seen anyways.

adam called me at like 12 last night, which was super sweet.
we talked for about 30 minutes-an hour.
he was telling me that he's in St. Louis. He'll be home for four days towards the end of this month and the beginning of September. He said he was planning on coming to visit sometime in there. how awesome!
they don't have a show until late tonight so he said he'd probably call me sometime..

i've been feeling like listening to some pop-punkish something or other lately like taking back sunday, or hey mercedes. i've been downloading some hm, they're great.

last free day.

cruise on through,
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showers are good. i smell nice now, and i feel better.
i got all sweaty and nasty yesterday running around during the water fight :)

goin cruisin' with Chad, whenever he gets here.
i'm going to take this mixed cd i made to see if some of the songs i was gonna put on his mixed cd work well in his car.
plus i like my music, gotta have me some rap whenever i'm in a car.

haha weird. some girl just called and said something about bringing her food. wrong number. lol.

I've been thinking of some really creative stuff lately.
Painting my nails all weird like, and writing a lot of poetry. I guess my creative juices are flowing. lol.

my dad is in the living room singing country gospel and i'm listening to dmx - get it on the floor. what a strange mix.

i love courtney hall for making me some cds. ♥
i can't wait to get them so i can rock out. *head-bang*

*bobble-head* okay, no one will get that besides courtney and kemi.

updates later.

on the floor,
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wow. interesting way to start off the morning.
drama rama bababbbbbyy.

school goes back tuesday, woohoo.
i dread getting up early, and all of that.
but for the most part i mean i'm ready to get back into the swing of things.
i dread calculus so bad, but brett said he'd help me with what he could and courntey seems to be pretty keen on that stuff so she may be able to help me some when i need it.
but i'm so ready to get back in the swing of things and just start aggravating my teachers, and writing papers, and talking in front of a class.
portfolios are going to be a bitch, and i should've worked on that over the summer. but you know what? i didn't.

i love my friends. i had such a good time last night.
i had a really good time with the water fight and alla that.
we need to hangout in some form every weekend, just because we're so hella cool. i want to have a get together at my house sometime in the near future.

so yeah i'm going to put on some dmx, maybe shake my thang a little bit and wait for everyone to get online!

shake shake shake,
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tonight was fun.
went to courtney's to celebrate her birthday.
had some pizza and some really good chocolate ice cream cake.
found out that courtney had this cd that has dmx - get it on the floor on it
and i've been singing that the past two or three days
so i got my shake on to that.

had a huge water fight. we were kicking some major evan/jess/jayme butt. but we were completely soaked when it was done with.

had lots of fun with all of my friends.
hope courtney and evan had a good birthday yes yes.
came home and ate some waffle fries.
listening to dmx, which i had to download.
courtney is going to burn me some cds

i have school tuesday.

dear dmx,
get it on the floor
get it
get it on the floor
if you don't wanna party
then yo ass gotta go
miss kayla ann.

uhm. yeah.
more to come tomorrow.

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mark: what;s 21346
mark: lol
me: i dropped my mom on the keyboard.
me: it was in a bottle with a top tho.
me: pop*


dear kevin lyttle,
you may be creepy.
but i still like your song.
miss kayla ann.

let me hold you,
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blah blah blah, yadda yadda.
i love having a public journal, woo.
whoever was on greg's msn, fess up and apologize.
stop being a pussy about it, you did it so go for it.

as for code names, lol. i love how ppl are thinking i'm talkin about them with code names, it's hilarious. if i wanted to say something about somebody i would say it. i don't need code names to cover it up.

ohhh kemi kemi kemi.
do i need to talk to you gurrl.

i LOVE me some maroon 5.
i think i'm gonna get that cd.
i WISH my cd-rw would come in already.
i'm getting about tired of not having one.

school starts back Tuesday. god, I CAN'T WAIT! it's going to be uber fun. i was just thinking about some stuff last night dealing with school. mrs holliday and things of that matter. i was thinking about mr. mayton and telling his students that he'll start "tearin up your heart!" *breaks out into n'sync song*! woo i love it love it love it.

i finally feel like i'm at a point in my life where my consiouse isn't beating me to death for disliking someone, like it used to. i don't know if it's because of the hurt that i've felt in the past few months, or the past few years. the betrayel i felt from a certain exboyfriend i think just turned off some of the feelings that i used to have. i just feel like i've been a pussy my whole high school career, the whole time i've been in school for that matter. i've let people run all over me, talk shit to my face, and i've lied to people to make them happy instead of worrying about my happiness. i just feel like it's about damn time i start being a bitch and being honest and being happy about it. it's time for me to do what makes me happy, instead of pleasing other people. and i don't care what anyone has to say about it. the people that like me good, the people that hate me good. i'm settled with it. i have one more year at allen central, and it's going to be a good'un.

oh man. adam called me last night at like 12.
and he's like i was just wanting to call to say that i missed you.
lol! he's so sweet, i swear. i figured he wouldn't call me at all. whatta great kid he is.

i tried to call kemi about 6 or 7 or something but there wasn't any answer? i don't know if she was gone or what. i know her mom said something about getting justin some new shoes, so hopefully she'll be online here soon.

i really really like heather, greg's girlfriend, and so does kemi. we talked to her on the phone for a very long time yesterday and she's just awesome. i can't wait until we all get to hang out and chill.

i love you guys like family

cool these engines,
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wow today has been thoroughly excited.
more happened than i figured.

once i got up and got settled and such.
cleaned up, kemi took a shower smellin all nice.
got a disturbing message, had a pretty intense conversation with a friend. almost cried he upset me so much, but it's ok. not like anyone really cares about that. not about my happiness, never is.
i feel like being a bitch for a little while instead of being a pussy and back down on what i really feel.

shortly after that talked to a friend about that.
it was nice to hear someone with the same feelings i had.
yes, yes.
me n kemi had fun, needless to say.
now i'm serenading her with a maroon 5 song
kemmiii willl beeeee looovveeeddd!!!!!

ALSO sweetest thing ever right now
adam is gone on tour
and his away message said
"gone on tour

kayla ann i miss you!"
sweetest thing evvvvaaaa. ya hurrd!?

hopefully he'll call me some.
yup. that would be just spiffy.

in conclusion.
kemi wants my body
thank you.

everyone has secrets,
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